TNT Ladysledders Ambassadors

Laura Albin

From: Colorado
Rides: 2016 Polaris RMK Assault 800
Insta: @spikagirl
About: Laura has been a moderator for TNT since the very beginning. When she is not out there ripping it up and being awesome on her sled, she is going to snow shows, rocking her 4Runner off trail, attending charity events or running in a local 5k! She is fearless and not afraid to adventure off and try new and exciting things. Laura is always jetting around the world with her job and her passion for sledding. She is a true inspiration for women, and an invaluable member of TNT!

Mandy James

From: Oregon
Rides: 2018 Yamaha Sidewinder
Insta: @mandyannjames
About: Mandy coordinated and hosted several ladies rides last year and has numerous group and charity rides planned for this year. Mandy has been riding for over 10 years, and rides in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Montana and Canada! She loves playing out in the backcountry, climbing, jumping, tree riding and carving in the wide-open meadows! When not out sledding she enjoys dirt biking, 4-wheeling, camping, boating, fishing, gardening and farming. Mandy also has 2 children whom she is introducing to the powersports world. Mandy is an excellent representative for TNT, women in snowmobiling and powersports in general!

Krysten Sullivan

From: Saskatchewan, Canada
Rides: 2017 Skidoo Freeride 800 146"
Insta: @1000gadegirl
About: Krysten is fairly new to the sport of snowmobiling; however, she reps TNT whenever and wherever she can! She rides a 2017 Skidoo Freeride and enjoys riding off-trail, especially carving and in the trees! During the off season Krysten rides her 1000 Renegade ATV, the muddier the better! She also enjoys shooting, hiking, fishing, camping, working on vehicles, motorcycle rides with her hubby and basically anything else outdoors. Krysten is also a part of Team TNT.

Courtney Fender

From: Michigan
Rides: 2008 Yamaha Nytro and 2015 Arctic Cat turbo
Insta: @twistedprincess15
About: Courtney's #1 passion is racing snowmobiles! She is an accomplished snowmobile drag racer and hill climber, under her group Twisted Princess Racing. Courtney started out racing on an ice oval track. Courtney is very dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling and is always promoting TNT. She has an upcoming event to help raise money for breast cancer, TNT's Ride Like a Girl, to Save the Girls Bikini Radar Run, which will be held February 23rd in Michigan. We are excited to see how Courtney's upcoming race season and events go! Courtney is also a part of Team TNT.

Jessica M Sittner

From: New York
Rides: 2015 Skidoo Renegade x 600
Insta: @ladysledder568
About: Jessica always has a smile on her face! Jessica participated in her first snowmobile grass drags race, taking 3rd place!! When not snowmobiling, Jessica spends time with her husband and 2 children hiking, dirt biking and ATV riding! At the young age of 25 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and treated, then 2 years later it came back and was treated again, then just this summer the cancer came back with a vengeance. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Jessica's resilience, positivity and spirit are an inspiration to us all! We are so happy to have her as a part of TNT. Jessica is also a part of Team TNT, helping with the calendar project!

Jessica Taylor

From: Wyoming
Rides: 2013 Polaris Pro RMK 600 155"
Insta: @sledwyogirl
About: Jessica is a true outdoor enthusiast! Aside from her obvious passion of sledding, she also enjoys riding horses & ATVs, skiing, golfing, camping, shooting guns, and is also a certified advanced scuba diver! Jessica works as an Occupational Therapist at an Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital and is also a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Jessica loves mountain & backcountry sledding with her hubby and looks forward to meeting fellow lady sledders through TNT! Jessica is also a part of Team TNT, as the Ambassador Manager.

Christa Lundgren

From: Finland
Rides: Lynx Boondocker
Insta: @rebelzebra
About: Christa is one of our Finland girls! She has been riding motorcycles since she was 2 years old and started racing MX when she turned 6! She is newer to the snowmobile industry but is giving it her all! Christa has overcome many obstacles in her life and has a great passion for getting more women into Motorcycles and Snowmobiles. She is a medic and hosts many Motorsports events! Thanks Christa for everything you do for our Motorsports industry!

Danielle Raver

From: Wyoming
Rides: 2017 Polaris Axys
Insta: @dani__oaklay
About: Dani was born and raised in Jackson Hole Wyoming. She grown up snowmobiling in the Rocky Mountains. Dani is a Wyoming Representative for the Pink Ribbon Riders, a member of the WSSA and a Jackson Hole Snow Devil.

Denise Duperre

From: Maine
Rides: 2017 Ski-Doo Renagade X 1200
Insta: @valleydiva15
About: Denise and her fiancée enjoy snowmobiling throughout Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec because of their close proximity to the best interconnecting trail systems from all 2 provinces and 1 state. Denise is a member of many local snowmobile clubs, volunteers for many snowmobile events both local and international, and advocate for landowner rights and snowmobile trail access. Denise is apart of many boards that involve civic movements, and currently serves as chairman of city council. She works full time at a credit union as an executive specializing in Marketing and Public Relations. Denise has 2 adult daughters and a grandson. Denise’s grandson and his mother also enjoy snowmobiling. Denise’s favorite part about being a brand ambassador with TNT is meeting new people who share the same interest and passion for the snowmobiling industry.

Melanie Tonsi

From: Barrhaed, Alberta, Canada
Rides: 2008 Skidoo Summit Rev 800 XP 154", 2014 Arctic Cat Sno Pro M8000 162"
Insta: @mel.tonsi
About: Melanie began snowmobiling in 1999. Her favorite backcountry riding areas are McBride, Valemount and Revelstoke, BC. Melanie’s favorite type of riding in the backcountry is picking lines in the trees. Favorite Trail rides are Barrhead, Swan Hills, Edson and Fox Creek, AB. Promoting the sport to new riders is her passion. Melanie loves to be able to take someone out to gain confidence and learn new techniques.

Lyric Murphy

From: Wyoming
Rides: 2017 POLARIS PRO RMK AXYS 800 155 3”
Insta: @snowponytherapist
About: Lyric is from a small southwestern Wyoming town. Lyric began snowmobiling when she was about 5 years old, on her grandmother’s ranch near Pinedale WY. When she moved away for college & a career to Northern UT, her love for the snow kept growing as she would venture out to find love in skiing and snowboarding. Lyric always knew sledding would occupy a large part of her winter loving heart. She has a son, Alex, who is also one of her riding partners. Sledding is a big part of their everyday lives. Every winter Lyric will choose one US Veteran to occupy up to 5 days of ride time to learn AVY Safety, followed by the beginning basics of Sledding & Back Country Safety & Riding. She puts these moments together with the help of her crew to give back to those who give their time and often their lives to provide us freedom. Lyric will spend at least one night a month with her crew teaching & reviewing AVY training, followed by a big day on the mountain before heading into the backcountry. Safety is their main priority! The areas Lyric frequently rides include All of Wyoming, as well as parts of Utah, Idaho, Colorado & Montana.

Kristine Bannister

From: Wyoming
Rides: 2018 Skidoo 850 154”
Insta: @love2ridesleds
About: Kristine started riding on her own at the age of 5 years old. By the age of 10 years old, she was done riding on the designated easy “ladies ride” only. Instead, Kristine would ride with her dad on the “guys only” rides. As a young girl, her family spent a lot of time year-round, in the Big Horn Mountains snowmobiling and riding dirt bikes. Her family also participates in snowmobile drag racing circuit of Wyoming. Kristine raced in the kid classes for several years and had great success being in the finals each year. Snowmobile drag racing with family was a great confidence builder and experience that she will never forget. Most of her weekends are spent helping the guides at the Bear Lodge Resort with tours from mild to extreme riding. She usually rides near the back of the group and make sure all riders stayed safe and kept up with the group. This not only encouraged Kristine to ride safer but also harder, to show that women can and do ride as well as guys. In all her riding experience with groups from novice to extreme, Kristine’s main goal has been to keep it fun, safe and teach anyone that may be struggling how to gain confidence and skills to be a better mountain snowmobile rider. Kristine belongs to the local snowmobile club. She volunteers her time by educating non-snowmobilers, encouraging club membership and promoting all aspects of snowmobiling. Kristine strongly feels that it is beneficial to the motorized sports industry that women are involved as it provides more numbers, promotes family activities, and provides opportunity to grow the sport and help in the fight for snowmobile/ORV trail systems and multiple use of public lands that we all love so much.

Michelle Labadie

From: Gladstone, MI
Rides: 2017 Polaris Pro RMK 800
Insta: @tntyooperchix
About:My love for snow started when my parents took me for rides as a toddler to get me to sleep. They had no idea what they started! In my early teen years I raced local county oval races where I made a lot of boys cry when I went home with the trophy. I was the only "girl" in a group of 34. In my 20's I averaged 5,000 a season, I raced snowcross and I got married with our snowmobiles in the woods. In my 30's I was asked to teach women how to ride through the Women in the Outdoors and Polaris. It ended up being some of the most rewarding experiences I ever imagined. It was also a period in my life where I became involved with making changes in legislation affecting our freedom to ride. I was the only women in the group rides across the Upper Peninsula with our States elected officials meant to educate them on what snowmobiling means and is about. I also started backcountry riding and fell in love in a whole new way. Backcountry gave me freedom I didn't know possible and was searching for due to having Multiple Sclerosis. Backcountry gave me the ability to over come my challenges and I haven't looked back. Through out my life my Dad and I collected, tore apart, and put backtogther his old snowmobiles. My entire family is a huge part of starting, building and now running a snowmobile museum. In my 40's I ride in powder every chance I get. I do shows and talk a lot about snowmobiles new and old. I feel like I have owned and or ridden them all! I'm not sure what my next chapter will bring but I can't wait to find out!